My small Trip in Germany : To Bonn / Nach Bonn

Today I write about my trip to Germany again. I had a lot of things to experience, but I forgot some of them… Before forgetting them all, I want to describe them as much as possible.

When I was in Germany, I had a little trip from Cologne to other Cities. For example, I went to Bonn and Koblenz. I still remenber that Bonn was a smaller city than I thought before visiting there. It was a very silent, but beautiful city. I saw the house where Beethoven was born(But I couldn’t enter the house.). I like to listen to his music very much. I don’t have a loft of knowledge about him, but I feel he must be genius whenever his symphonies come to my ears.
Returning to Cologne, I mistook to choose a train and I went to a contrary direction. I thought that I had to transfer at the next station. Seeing a beautiful and calm landscape of Germany throw the window of the train, A boy spoke to me in German. With stretching one of his hands, he remained to speak to me. But I couldn’t understand what he said at all. So I told to him. “I’m sorry, But I can’t understand what you say. I’m a stranger.” He was seemed to understand I was a silly Asian. But perhaps he thought that I could speak and listen to English. He began to speak in English next. What he wanted to say was that; He had no coins to pay a fare, so that He wanted me to give him some coins to pay it.
In fact I have coins enough to give him, but I felt that it might bring me a dangerous situation. So that I answered to him; “I have a ticket to my destination, but I have no coins now. I’m sorry.” He made a smile and answered; “OK, thank you anyway. You speak English very well.” And he left. It was not so glad to praise English I spoke from a German… I was sad rather than glad because I couldn’t understand what he said in German, though I visited there to learn how to speak or write in German, not in English. I considered for a while that it was meaningful for me to come there or not.
Therefore, the small trip to Bonn left me a little bitter memory.

About the small trip to Koblenz and other cities, I will blog if I have time to do.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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