I could have a good sleep last night.

The day before yesterday I could’t slept well at all. I woke up at 2:30, of course it is still at night, and I tried to sleep again. But I had a stomachache and it prevented me from sleeping. After all, I couldn’t help getting out of bed at 3:30 in the morning.

Yesterday I had a stomachache whole day and felt sleepy. I sometimes face such a trouble when I ‘m very tired. Being in these troubles, I’m embarrassed and feel many stresses and strains. In this case, If I try to go to bed and sleep four several hours, but I can’t. Reading books, cooking something, baking breads, I can’t concentrate my attention on them.

Last Friday I forgot to take a medicine subscribed by a doctor to lighten my anxiety. In the afternoon of the day, I was in constant anxiety. I couldn’t remain to stand it a few minutes before six, so I went back home as soon as possible. I was very surprised that to forget to take a medicine made me very anxious and it was too severe for me to be patient.  I understood that the medicine, just a small tablet, supports my daily life and it has already become indispensable for me. I have a kidney problem, it is a physical matter, and I also have a trouble mentally.  There are problems which I will have to face whole my lifetime in both my body and mind. Considering about it, I always get down in the dumps.I envy people who don’t have and feel any problems in their body and mind. Is it needed to know the severity brought me by these disease? Why me? I sometimes think that way, though it is meaningless to do so and I have already realized it since before.

Fortunately,  I could sleep well last night. I woke up at 3:00 once, I went to the toilet and soon back to bed. After that I could go into the deep sleep for several hours.

For many people, it is not difficult to live without any troubles about their body or mind every day. But for me it is like a hard work.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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