About learning foreign languages / My trip in Germany vol.1

I like to learn foreign languages. Learning foreign languages is a lot of fun for me because it brings me not only knowledge about that but also knowledge about cultures around world. My professor said before that “Language ” was one of the most significant characters each culture had. I think so too, so that it was very interesting to me to know various knowledge about it; For example, relations between words of English and foreign languages.

I had learnt German for four years before. When I studied at an university located in Fukuoka, I often met various things about German and Germany. I have been to Germany twice. At the first time I went there with a short term program of studying in foreign country, and I had a trip with classmate of the seminar I participated around Germany for a week as a sightseeing tour.

When I arrived at the Schiphol International Airport, which was located in Holland, I was very glad to come to Europe at last. But I immediately was in trouble; I couldn’t understand what people said at all! And furthermore, of course I couldn’t made myself understood to other people either. I was just a pity Japanese. I couldn’t distinguish these differences of every sound  between “She” and “C”. I managed to make myself understood with many body languages to other people and to get informations I needed from them or direction boards hanged up on the wall.  I had to transfer to an airplane bound for Düsseldorf, Germany within one hour. Finally I found out the way to the airplane, and succeeded to get to it in time.

I had had a promise that I stayed with an family living in Cologne/Köln about for a month and had also reserved a taxi which carried me from the airport to the family. So that I didn’t have any problems till I reached there.  But after arriving there, many many problems happened again! I couldn’t understand at all what the people of my host family said… Of course they were all German, so that they spoke to me in German. But I wasn’t capable to understanding it at that time. I became home sick soon. I thought that my visit to Germany, the country I had wanted to visit for a long time, was too early. I should have come there after I studied German enough to get abilities of speaking and listening.

When I was very sad and nearly cried, the host mother said to me that it is natural for me that grasping foreign languages is very difficult. She said to me,” Langsam, langsam.” This word meant “slowly” in English.  Her words helped me to become fine. After that I could talk with the host family with a dictionary.

In Germany I went to language school every morning, and I walked along streets and saw many scenes around Cologne. Cologne Cathedral / Kölners Dom is one of the most famous buildings in Cologne, and it is registered as one of the world heritages. I went there every day while I stayed in this country. Inside of the cathedral was kept silently, and its mood was very sacred. I’m not a Christian, but the air and the atmosphere filling there tranquilized me. And I could come a dream true; Listening to a hymn sung by the choir in the cathedral with a performance of pipe organ. I had dreamed to listen to it for a long time…. Listening to it at length, I was so deeply impressed that I could say nothing.

Oh, though at first I wrote how wonderful learning foreign language is, the story was changed to another one which was about my trip in Germany XP.
I stop writing this entry for a while, I will continue to write about my trip when I have time to do it :D.

Thank you for your visit here today.

    • Yuki
    • September 10th, 2010


    I am a Japanese.
    And I have not been foreign countrys.
    So I can not write English well.
    But,I want writing the comment on this blog.

    You love foreign countrys and languages very much!!
    And you have been Germany twice.
    I want to go to foreign countrys,but I can not do it.
    Because I can not speak foreign languages.

    Do you think that if I stady foreign languages, I can speak it?

    I want that you can understand my English.
    Thank you for your read this comment!

    • Hello, Yuki! I thank you for your comment very much.
      If one can’t speak or write English well, I think it is important to try to express something in foreign languages.
      Perhaps I have also already taken many mistakes in what I have written XP!

      I believe that studying something makes our sense about it better than before.
      So I also think your trial to learn foreign languages will grow up your ability to use or understand them.

      Your comment written in English is very understandable, don’t worry!
      I’m very glad to receive your comment and I wish you to write something here again :D!

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