New shoes I want to get…

I like to choose shoes and enjoy its comfortably and its look. To find out new shoes I want to put is a lot of fun for me. Yesterday a direct mail came to the mailbox of my house. It’s sent by a corporation making nice shoes. This corporation’s name is REGAL. REGAL is one of the most popular shoes corporations in Japan, and products it made have held high quality after we started to use. Longer we use them, more beautiful a polish of  their leather are seemed to be. Using them for a long time, of course we often have to maintain them. But as a result they remain to be good foot helpers for us.

I have already had some shoes I bought before. But a new product introduced on the advertisement looks very nice… I want to purchase it very much! The price is not inexpensive at all. It costs about 20,000 yen… I’m very distressed whether I should buy it or not. Ummm…… I should buy it or not? It’s the most significant problem for me presently.

Regal Shoes.

REGAL CORPORATION All Rights Reserved.

(Reference; REGAL Online Shop)

However I also think that I may be just fortunate one because I have time enough to be worried about such a thing.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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