I had a little trip today with my girlfriend.

It was the second day when I had rest as substitution of last weekend today.

Yesterday I baked some kinds of breads and had a good time. Today I and my girlfriend had a small trip to the northern area of Kumamoto Prefecture located in the middle of an island called Kyushu.
The purpose of this trip was to go to hot springs. We like it very much. It is a lot of fun for us to visit a hot spring and to eat soft served ice cream sold at a shop located in its neighborhood. I sometimes try to take a photo of the ice cream, but I’d never done.The reason is that I want to eat it as soon as possible when I visit there. Its creaminess and taste is so wonderful that I can’t express with any words. The shop selling the ice cream is called “Couple”. Visiting Oguni Town, which is located in the northernmost area of Kumamoto Pref., I recommend to eat the ice cream. It will surely add a delicious memory to your trip.
(A Website introducing “Couple”; Click here!)

After enjoying those things, we went back to our home town and visit a cafe. It’s named “DOUTOR” and there are many shops of the chain in Fukuoka Prefecture(I live in a district in Fukuoka Pref.). We can have a good time there without high expenses. I drank a cup of coffee and my girlfriend also a cup of cafe latte with honey. We talked each other about for three hours. We met after an interval of a week, so we had lots of subjects to have conversation.

I have to go working again tomorrow. Frankly speaking, I want time  to have rest much more… But earning money  without working can’t be realized easily.  I may be fortune because many people are forced to be without occupation. I think I should thank for what I am presently.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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