About my work I did yesterday…

Yesterday a sports festival was performed at a high school  where I work. It was so hot that many people couldn’t stay at the outside for a long time. They often had to drink a glass of tea, green tea, water and so on.
However my work is taking movies with a video camera until the festival was over. It meant that I had to stay with the machine on the outside, and had no time to have rest. Though other teachers sometimes went back to the building and had a break, at that time I remained to take movies without drinking anything.  Taking movies, of course I must concentrate to do that. If I don’t get movies that aren’t not so good, I may have many troubles when I edit them. In the morning, I could concentrate get good scenes which will be able to used to make good video. But hotter it was outside, more difficult I did it. After the rest for an hour in the afternoon, I had to do my work again, but I’d almost lost my consciousness due to the hotness of the outside. In the intervals games, I was given a couple of tea, so that I kept my concentration continuously. I could take movies of all scenes during the sports festival, but I had a headache when the festival was over after all.

Usually people come back home after their own work or some of them go drinking  somewhere. I refer the former. I don’t like to drink with colleague I don’t always get along with. After the work I want to have time for myself or have a good time with my girlfriend. But, I think it is a very curious or strange custom, In Japan after the work many worker go drinking with their colleague until very late at night, sometimes tomorrow early morning, although more than a few people just want to go back home actually….  I don’t know why they act that way. But a reason I thought is as follows; It is not a pleasure but a work. It is the second part of their works. Its purpose is to get along with their colleague, or their superior. To promote from the position where they stand to the next step… Promotion gives them more money, a higher position and more.
I don’t have any interest in it. Of course getting more money makes our life better. I refer earning money as much as possible. But I can’t lose my own personal time to realize it.
After the festival a party was held at the Japanese restaurant near the school. A half of people working there took part in it. I wanted to get back home as soon as my work was over, but I was in charge of the arrangement of that party, so that I also had to take part in it.
During the party many people drank beer, Sho-chu(A kind of Japanese liqueur made from wheat, sweet potato, rice and so on) at the party. But I didn’t drink at all. I just enjoyed eating delicious dishes and watching how people acted and what they talked. They talked, spoke and laughed so loudly that I had to stand on the situation about for several hours.
When the party came to the end, many of dishes weren’t eaten yet. They talked each other too long to eat something. The rest of them was just thrown away, without being eaten by anyone… It’s just the waste. I think we must think about the problem more seriously. More than some people lay stress in keeping the environment of Earth, But it is strange that few of them are seemed to think it as one of the significant  problem to save the world. After all, I wonder that people don’t have the any pangs of conscience to waste any food.

I can have rest today and tomorrow. Last Saturday and Sunday we had to work, so that the two days are given to us as the substitute holidays. Having rest to do something I want and Just taking a rest and meeting my girlfriend, it’s my plan during the days.

Thank you for your visit here today.

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