Hello, This is a blog written by Sechskatzen!

Thank you for your visit here today, everyone. I’m Sechskatzen, living in a west district of Japan, Fukuoka Prefecture. I’m Japanese so that of course my mother tongue is Japanese. But I want to write my diary in foreign languages, for example, English and German. It is a trial for me to do that. Perhaps English or German sentences I write have contain mistakes. I have to apologize to anyone who visits the blog at first.

I have already written a blog with the service offered by VOX, But its service is closing on the last day in September. So I begin to use this service offered by WORDPRESS.
I have to go working at once. It is September 4, and it is seven o’clock in the morning. It’s Saturday today. Saturday is normally a holiday when I can have rest. However today I have to work at my workplace in which there are many students who are high teen years of age…. Yes, I work there as a teacher teaching them how to use computers. I will work until in March next year at least. I can’t work there permanently, because of the contract. Next year I have to find  a new job I can work on. My situation is very unstable XP.

I’ll write here about my hobbies, job, and others when I have time to do.
Thank you for your visit here today!

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